A local voice for our growing community

Edmonton has grown to nearly 1 million residents, making us one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  We are growing with more families and young people; with greater diversity and cultural backgrounds from around the world.

Having lived in Edmonton for nearly 35 years, it makes me so proud to see our city grow. This is especially true in Edmonton Mill Woods – one of the most diverse ridings in Alberta – where I have worked every day for the last three decades to bring people together and move our city forward.

People often ask if I’m visiting Edmonton, assuming that after my election I moved to Ottawa. My answer to that question is always the same: Edmonton remains my home and it is where I am so thankful to live. I came to Edmonton when I was 19, sponsored by my brother and sister-in-law. I went to school and began my working life here. For the 26 years we’ve been married, Sarbjeet and I have lived in Mill Woods and Meadows. This is where we raised our daughter. Long before running for office, it was in these neighbourhoods that I supported my community by helping to create the Crime Council, being involved in community leagues, and organizing fellow workers to advocate for our rights.

Every week you can find me shopping at Town Centre Mall or grabbing coffee at Koffee Café, and exercising at the Meadows Recreation Centre. Mill Woods is where I celebrate Canada Day every year, and where I welcome newcomers who also wish to make our community their home.

It is these everyday, ordinary experiences of living in our community that make me better at representing you. Just like you, I have experienced the struggles of inadequate public transit and the lack of community spaces. I know how hard it can be for the average family to make ends meet – whether it is finding a well-paying job, accessing childcare, or affording post-secondary education. 

This is why I have worked so hard to invest in Edmonton’s infrastructure – in the 50th street overpass, in the expansion of the LRT system, and infrastructure to protect us from flooding. 

This is why I worked hard to double the funding for western economic diversification, and secure funding to unlock $9 billion of investment in petrochemical projects – creating well-paying jobs for Edmontonians.

This is why I worked hard to deliver more than $232 million for Alberta’s post-secondary institutions, to increase funding for our health care system, and to support programming that helped cut Alberta’s child poverty rate in half.

Every day that I spend in Ottawa, I work hard to ensure Alberta’s voice is heard at the Cabinet table. I think about Edmonton’s future and how policies could impact my neighbours in Mill Woods. My top priority is always representing my constituents. For me, that means living in our community, working to serve your needs, and never forgetting why I do what I do.

Both our city and our local community have a lot to offer the rest of Canada. We are diverse and compassionate. We work hard and stand up for our neighbours and colleagues. A riding like ours needs someone who can build bridges, both at home and in Ottawa.

This is exactly what I have worked hard to do, each and every day, on your behalf – both as a city councillor and your Member of Parliament – and it has been an absolute privilege.  

But the work is not over. Our city is growing at an extraordinary pace, and a growing city needs a strong local voice who has delivered real results to represent us on the national stage.

Sarbjeet and I will keep living in this community, and I would love to keep serving you. You can count on me to continue taking your voices, concerns, and aspirations directly to Ottawa, and to keep our growing city moving forward.

— Amarjeet Sohi, your candidate for Edmonton Mill Woods