Amarjeet Sohi has always been deeply committed to serving our community, and he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods in 2015.

Prior to being elected as a Member of Parliament, Amarjeet was elected to three terms as an Edmonton City Councillor. This experience taught him the importance of infrastructure as the foundation for citizens to create strong, sustainable, and inclusive communities. From 2015-2018, he served as Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and he has served as Minister of Natural Resources since 2018.

Dedicated to improving Edmonton’s infrastructure and liveability, Amarjeet represented the city on the Canadian Urban Transit Association and strongly advocated for Light Rail Transit. He also brought forward his passion for inclusive city-building through his representation at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and in leading City Council’s Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Racism Free Edmonton initiatives.

As Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Amarjeet oversaw the design and early implementation of a more than $180 billion plan over 12 years – the largest infrastructure investment plan in Canada’s history. This plan invests unprecedented amounts in public transit, green infrastructure, clean water and wastewater, affordable housing, trade-enabling infrastructure, rural and northern communities, and more. As Minister of Natural Resources, he has worked to create middle class jobs and get Canada’s resources to new markets, while protecting a clean environment for future generations.

Amarjeet has received several awards in recognition of his community leadership, and lives in Edmonton with his wife and daughter.